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Bringing Gaming to Your Community.

Who is FOB?

Established in Toledo, Ohio in 2018, Flashes of Brilliance (FOB) Gaming is the premier one-stop-shop for all things gaming. FOB is a collective of talented individuals who are prepared to develop, deploy and manage your entrance and advancement in the gaming and esports industry.
Whether you are interested in gaming as an internal or external component, FOB has the expertise to successfully guide you on your journey; ensuring cost conscious programs designed specifically with your goals in mind. FOB Gaming, and our partners, are proud to offer programmatic solutions for the following markets and industries:


Please feel free to have a look around!  If you have any questions or would like to connect with FOB for programming discussions, please feel free to send us an email by following this link!

Corporate  |  Religious  |  Educational  |  Community  |  Healthcare  |  Competitive Development


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Our Client Portfolio

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